Friday, November 22, 2013 Glitches are Being Fixed, So Keep Trying to Enroll!

UPDATE: Because of the technical problems with, the enrollment deadline for getting health insurance coverage that starts January 1 has be extended to December 23. Previously, the deadline to enroll for January 1 coverage was December 15. For plans that begin later in 2014, the deadline remains the same--March 31.


Since it was launched at the beginning of October, has been troubled. People across the country have been frustrated with error messages, and few of the 7 million people that the Obama administration expect to sign up have been able to enroll in new health insurance because of glitches on the website. 

However, work is being done to fix the site. According to a statement from the director of communications for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, two-thirds of the most problematic glitches have been fixed, and web programmers are working to fix the remainder quickly. And according to an article in the St. Louis Business Journal earlier this week, 90 percent of the people who previously had trouble creating accounts on have since been able to do so.

The moral of this story: be persistent. If you’re frustrated with the enrollment process, keep trying. And if you’re at your wit’s end, remember that the St. Louis Public Library is offering lots of opportunities to work with certified application counselors, who can help you navigate and the insurance enrollment process. Visit our Upcoming Events page on this blog for a list of times, and remember to check back often as we add more events!

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